München Hoben 2018 – LinTek – Linköpings University

How München Hoben is celebrated at Linköpings University.

LinTek is the student union for students of the technical faculty at Linköpings University (LiU). They reached out to me and asked me if I would like to shoot an aftermovie for them. The event was held during the start of the school semester in August. It’s a big beer festival for 5 500 students to drink beer from a beer stein, eat food and enjoy live performances. The students got to sing, and dance a long with Linnea Henriksson and Tungevaag & Raaban.

The weather was perfect which gave me the big soft light source, and it was a dream to colour grade it. There where no direction on how the film should be. So I had to come up with an idea, which I thought would fit the event. I wanted to capture all the energy, and the joy.  I’m also lucky that Erik Thuvesen came and helped me shoot during the night. It’s so important to capture as much moments as possible, since you only got one chance. And that is what I love about live events.