The Greatest Gift Of All (Story Time)

When gifts from your loved ones, family and friends becomes larger than it might first intended to be.

This video is all about story telling, using old video footage when Art was in Barcelona with some friends. He combined travel footage, with footage from a gift that his mom gave him several years ago. This project started with an idea to make a travel film of Barcelona, Spain. But Art wasn’t satisfied with making just a travel film. He wanted to elevate this project by making it more relatable to the viewers. So Art came up with an idea to connect the one factor that ties both a travel film and a gift together. This films narrative was about time. How we can use the technology we have today to capture time, and also be able to observe it in a different time and space. The idea seemed simple at the start, but only putting images in a specific order wasn’t going to cut it. Art wanted to experiment on something called the Kuleshov effect. He implemented the Kuleshov effect, and added the last piece of ingredient, which was sound design. The film wouldn’t have been so alive, deep and relatable, if the film only had a background music playing. The idea started with a travel film, but the end result became a film with a relatable story for those who have traveled somewhere. That means, it is relatable to all people.