Antonio Bolados & Friends (Story Time)

A short documentary on how Antonio Bolados
overcame his stage fear.

Antonio Bolados is an entertainer in Norrköping, Sweden. He has different characters that he uses to performs for children around in Sweden. He is mostly know for DiscoTony, Kapten Tony, Clownen Benny, Spiderman. In response to overcome his stage fear, he performs on stage infront of children. By doing so he found appreciation and love from his young crowd. It bring him joy and laughter and for that reason he still keeps to entertain children with his characters. 

This project is one of Art Svanbergs passion projects. Art dissects Antonios background and build a story by using old material, combined with new material that was filmed by Art.

Check out Antonio Bolados facebook page here to learn more about his ongoing projects.