This video was made in collaboration with the Swedish watchmakers TIDLÖS. A little story about them:

Craftsmanship and quality were also key drivers behind the TIDLÖS story, and for this reason, we decided that all TIDLÖS watches would be ‘Swiss Made’, guaranteeing the highest quality and craftsmanship known in the watch industry. 

It was a fun project to do together with Sune Chee. we made it during the night all in regular office and some nanlite tubes.

Gear used for this project:
Canon C300MKiii C-Log2
Canon 100mm f2.8
Nanlite Pavotube 300
Rotating table

Some thought of improvements of the video would be to have the watch rotate more towards the camera. Making more complex moves with the camera and watch. But this was our first project of a watch. It was very tedious to make sure the watch was clean and the light didn’t hit the watch the wrong way.