Analog Photography

This is a new chapter of my career that I just started to explore. I’m exploring photography with some Kodak Portra 400 and my Minolta Autoreflex T3 and Yashica Mat.

I’ve been afraid to shoot film because I thought about the process and the risk of taking pictures. But after shooting Kodak Gold 200 and Portra 400 on my 35mm Minolta T3, I found a new world that excites me. It challenges my photography skills and also my understanding of light and color. I’ve tried out medium format cameras like the Mamiya RB67 and also the Yashica A. After just a short time, I fell in love with TLR and how compact and easy it was to use. So I recently got myself a Yashica Mat which I will try out on the streets. I hope I can capture some amazing stories with my cameras.

I hope you enjoy them =D