The podcast that talks about how to become successful

Framgångspodden (The Successful Podcast) hosted by Alexander Pärleros. He is inviting the most successful people to share their stories on how they become successful, and how you should think to become successful. The podcast has a wide range of guests that are discussing; business, neuroscience, health, music, public speaking, and more.

The purpose of the podcast is to find the key factors on how to become a better leader, entrepreneur, spouse, and how to find you why. What are you meant to do in this life?
As this text is written, the podcast has over 2.5 million listeners every month.

I’m working as a creative and art director on this project. I’m making sure that the full interview gets uploaded on YouTube and other social media platforms. We also choose highlights from the interview, and finding the right content to highlight is the biggest challenge so far. Besides the interviews, I also help to make vlogs, and Friday shows. On a Friday shows Alexander discusses a specific topic that might help you become successful.

The podcast is releasing 2 episodes every Wednesday and Sunday. Besides the full interview, we are uploading 2 highlight clips from the interview, a vlog, and a Friday show. Then we have a special segment called Framgångsbilen (The Successful Car) where we have a short interview in a car.

If you want to know more about this project you can check out one of the interviews with Simon Sinek, speaker, and best-selling author. In this interview, he talks about how to find you why, become a better leader, millennials, innovation, and the infinite game mindset.