A2i King Mack

Upcoming rap artist from America that are now based in Norrköping, Sweden.

Jeremy “King” Mack is the CEO of Addicted 2 Ink Movement, which he founded alone in 2008.  He have always been interested in music, so he contacted me regarding a music video project.

This project is one of those when I have full creativity, and the client has full trust on my work. As much as I love to have complete freedom on the project, I also love an amazing collaboration between the client. We have already created three music video and one behind the scenes video since we started to collaborate in summer 2018. The challenge from this projects is to make the lyrics come to life. We are striving to make these music video as personal as possible, but still trying to maintain these clickbait and cool effects that every music video should have. We often shoot the music video in 2-3 hours which we both have full focus on the task. I’m super excited for this collaboration and we are going for the marathon, many more videos to come in the future, so stay tuned!

Check out his website at https://a2ikingmack.com/

And follow him on his Instagram @kingmack114